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Duke City Food
The Flog Has Flown The Coop
Hello, Winter!
Split Identity
Learn Words and Feed People
Eight not-so-Easy Pieces
What to Eat When You're Insane
Best. Espresso. Ever.
Posting Purgatory
Five Feeding Fancies

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Tenacious Flog
Sunday, August 17

Duke City Food  
I spent quite a bit of time on this blog writing about home food and local food - now I've relocated that focus to more local food news and taken a new domain name to host it:


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Thursday, April 10

The Flog Has Flown The Coop  

I'm now writing over at


a.k.a. "dishing the duke"

Please visit, enjoy, comment, and have fun!

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Saturday, December 15

Hello, Winter!  

A quick little run this morning at about 18 degrees made me realize I'm a dolt for not throwing on a fleece headband and maybe even a scarf or baklava.

Instead of going long and frostbiting my little ear tops, I did tough intervals to rev up the engine - about 8 times 30sec to 1min surges of faster than 400m pace. Whooo!

After that, a morning chatting with my brother, running errands, and shopping at the asian market is my way to have a good day in town.

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Talk at me:
A baklava on your head? THAT would be hilarious! A baklava is a Middle Eastern pastry. I think you mean a balaklava. (JD from Calgary, where we know Winter.)
Ok, yeah. :-)

But if I were wearing a baklava instead of a balaklava, at least I'd have something to eat when I started freezing to death....
I understand your a wee bit of a McMuffin lover, why not join the petition:

...if your on facebook that is!
Hi There

I just stumbled upon your blog and think it is an excellent read for foodies and especially like the photos and design of the blog.I started off as a blogger myself and realise the importance of a good clean design like you have here. I have now bookmarked it for myself to read and have added you to our new list of "all the food blogs in the world" on which we have been compiling for the last month! Hopefully it will send you some traffic in the long run. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on food so keep up the good work and talk soon. Cheers
I like the ideas in your websites - and I'd like to direct you to my other food blog which you can use for inclusion on your list, which is at this address:

This site does have some food stuff on it, but I do not keep it updated at the moment.

Cheers, and have a great week!
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Saturday, December 1

Split Identity  
I blog here (sort of infrequently), I blog over at Duke City Food, and I attempted to start a running/training blog but that didn't really take off.

Am I spreading out the writing a bit too much? Hmm. Time and readership will tell.

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Your writing is fabulous. We need MORE of it not less!
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Thursday, November 22

Learn Words and Feed People  

So, even though I'm usually not so much into the quick-carbs like rice and flour, these foods are staples for much of the world.

An organization has pledged to purchase and donate 10 grains of rice for each vocab word you correctly define in their highly addicting online game, called Free Rice.

I had to stop myself at 500 grains when I realized I could spend hours riding the up and down winds of varying difficulty letter combinations.

Enjoy, and see how many grains you can donate...

Time posted: 14:11 [permalink]
Talk at me:
Miss Tenacity,

Thanks for the post and the tip off: 2000 grains of rice donated! :O)

Very cool.

I love this game! What a great way to learn and help out others. More people need to know about
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Wednesday, November 7

Eight not-so-Easy Pieces  
I am enthusiastic about the prospect of avoiding body-image neuroses, and in that spirit, I take on the challenge set forth by April and Nennette to list my very favorite eight things about my body.

For those sensitive to TMI, avert your eyes.

In no hierarchical order, I present them:

1. Seeing both gastrocnemius and soleus in my calves when flexed.

2. Quadriceps that can take me flying down a mountain trail or whizzing along a pavement path or lunging into Olympic-style squats, all without hurting my knees.

3. A gullet that happily accepts new and unusual foods, especially in foreign lands, without suprising GI after-effects.

4. Palate that can tell roquefort from raclette from ricotta.

5. It is far more adaptable than I ever thought possible, both a source of frustration as well as awe and fascination.

6. My ever-so-slightly-changing yet always-short array of haircuts. I like my brown hair, my wispy bangs, and the tuft that stands up at the crown of my head when newly shorn.

7. My feet, though not for the reason you might imagine. They are calloused, damaged and displaying black toenails - all from the hard-earned road and trail running miles.

8. My ass. Too big, too small, too bumpy, just right - if I don't appreciate it at some level, how can I hope to get it to do what I need it to do, like run marathons?

Ok, TMI mode is now going off.... thank you for reading, and please contribute your own "8 things" when you have a chance, and let me know about it in the comments.

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Time posted: 13:56 [permalink]
Talk at me:
Love it!!!
I particularly enjoyed that most of these were your favourites because they helped you perform and complete the things you love to do.
Glad you joined in.

Andrea, how could you have left out your eyes? Your eyes have the most captivating shade of blue and if eyes really are the mirror to the soul, you've got a beautiful soul, too.

My Name is Sharon. I think your web site gives great news on current food market. As i am also into food research.
Its a good site with lots of information. Keep the good work on. I will definatly bookmark your web site for my research work.
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Sunday, September 30

What to Eat When You're Insane  
...well, insane from the point of view of a "normal" person. The insanity comes from training for a marathon and then actually running said marathon, after battling injury, delays, weight gain, and delayed planes. Eating is only part of the training, but it was a huge attraction for taking a three day weekend to visit a dear friend in San Mateo and finally get to eat some Thomas Keller food while on my race trip.

I wrote a typically long report of my build-up and final racing experience (plug in Bib#4729), which you can download for your next long bathroom break, in two formats for your convenience.

Enjoy. Yes, I'm doing another one.

San Francisco Marathon Report (pdf)
San Francisco Marathon Report (Word doc)

Time posted: 17:37 [permalink]
Talk at me:
Absolutely amazing report, Andrea. The sobriquent "Miss Tenacity" fits you to a tee. Congratulations on qualifying for the Boston marathon!
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Wednesday, July 25

Best. Espresso. Ever.  
If the very best espresso I have ever had were to be found in Albuquerque, surely I would post about it on my Dishing the Duke site, but alas for me it is in Denver, and thusly I post here.

I won't even get too much into the minutiae of the equisite head on the shot, the warmed porcelain cup, the care and seriousness of the Best Barista in Denver who pulled it for me....

I'll just tempt with photos, though not of the highly attractive Mr. Naiman, only because he asked me not to.



Time posted: 16:21 [permalink]
Talk at me:
ESPRESSO! Which reminds me, the coffee is ready! No really, those pictures are gorgeous and it must be awesome to have a cafe where the baristas actually know their stuff! The latte art, and the crema of the espresso -- so beautiful!
i like those coffee pictures of the fern and heart. Makes you not want to drink it - defeats the purpose of the coffee hey!
Latte art it..Great pics!
Which reminds me, the coffee is ready! No really, those pictures are gorgeous and it must be awesome to have a cafe where the baristas actually know their stuff! The latte art, and the crema of the espresso so beautiful!
I'd love to see baristas working. I actually doubting is there any in my country... Only once I saw such art abroad. And I definitelly love these photos!
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Sunday, June 17

Posting Purgatory  
Yes, it definitely looks like my number of posts has dwindled.

The truth of the matter is, they have - on THIS blog. I am building up and readying a whole new spot to use for Albuquerque-area food musings and narratives, and it's time that I linked to it:

Albuquerque Lusciousness

Is there a better title? "Dishing the Duke"? I'll think about it.... In the meantime, enjoy!

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Thursday, April 26

Five Feeding Fancies  
We could call this list the "5 Addictions", depending on the desparation of the craving at the time it is experienced...

No, for the sake of alliteration I will call it the "five feeding fancies", to represent those things that are a part of my daily staples or quotidian regime. For better or for worse, they impart a sanity to my gastronomic schedule and allow for nutrition as well as naughtiness.

1. Protein bars. Been there, talked about that.
2. Porridge for breakfast.
3. Salad for lunch. Homemade dressing every day.
4. African coffee with half & half.
5. At least a bite of >70% chocolate. Lindt 85% rocks my world.

Everyone's gotta have those daily habits. It keeps ya sane.


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