Homeschool Supplemental Offerings

We are big believers in alternative education models that encourage the development of the full human being, both body and mind.

Starting in the Fall of 2024, we will be offering supplemental programs for homeschool parents to enhance their homeschool education.

We will offer academic proctoring, tumbling instruction, kickboxing instruction, dodgeball and free play.

Academic Proctoring + Fitness Activity

Monday – Friday
Cost: $15/day or $200/month

*earlier dropoff can be coordinated

Your child will work through a total of four 20 minute learning blocks interspersed with two 20 minute fitness instruction blocks. Fitness blocks will include Tumbling, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and basic body weight strength building (pushups, jump squats, crab walks, etc)

Parents will specify exactly what they want their child to do during the academic learning blocks. For example: read a book for 20 minutes, work on math for 20 minutes, work on science for 20 minutes, etc

Our proctor will be responsible for keeping your child on task. If you don’t currently have a curriculum, we highly recommend the following online programs:

Synthesis – for math and problem solving

DuoLingo – for foreign language development

Night Zoo Keeperfor reading and writing

Children are responsible for bringing their own tablets or laptops.

Children can be transported to the Cumberland Forest School location by 11:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Full Day Programming

Thursdays 9-3pm
Cost: $60 per day or $180 per month

Your child will take part in 2 hours worth of twenty minute academic learning blocks where they are expected to read, write, problem solve, do math or use online learning tools.

Your child will take part in programmed activities as well as scheduled free play with other kids.

Kids will be instructed in Kickboxing, Tumbling/Gymnastics and Jiu Jitsu.