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Fun and Effective Fitness for Working Professionals

Why the name Station 6?
Each workout is broken into six parts (stations)—only five minutes each. 
Never boring. Always new and interesting.
It's about keeping your mind in the game.

Here's what you'll get with every workout.

A little bit of
Cardio Work

A little bit of
Strength Training

A little bit of

A little bit of
Core Work

And a little
bit more….

Unique Technology
Created by the personal trainers at Tenacity, Station 6 was designed with busy working professionals in mind.

Live Heartbeat
monitoring, providing real time feedback of exertion levels and calories burned

whole body vibration to enhance your overall results and stability training

advanced body fat percentage measurements to watch progress

Calorie Tracking
ongoing record of total calories burned during each Station 6 workout

Nutritional Advice
with insights customized to your unique needs and lifestyle

Show up. Get results.
For maximum benefit, we recommend minimum four quick workouts per week.

Station 6 is the fitness program underneath the brand new fitness and martial arts gym in Tullahoma. Learn more about it here: